As any other investment company we build wealth for our investors. Our business model is unique in the sense that by investing in Core Mining Network through purchasing CMNT token’s, you are a part of the network. You become a voice in the company. It works as a collective, many minds are better than one. No longer do you have to rent miners to earn Bitcoin. No longer do you have to purchase the infamous Ebay mining contracts where they have you pay for a contract to earn Bitcoin to only receive 60% of what you invested. Core Mining Network works in a different manner where you own a percentage of the miners for life as long as you own the CMNT tokens. You will earn an interest on the amount you invested, at time of writing anywhere from 30% to 60% depending on market value of Bitcoin and to top it off, 20% goes back into reinvestment to the company. This means every month we invest in new miners that gets added to the pool and with every new miner comes more profits that automatically gets added to your earnings. The longer you stay, the more earnings you will make and the best part is, you get the payouts in Bitcoin, yes BITCOIN! EVERY month, Not in a no name meme coin.

This is a first in investment strategy. We work for the investors.

We are working on plans to go completely green with solar panels and wind power, this means even more profit per mining rig. The best part is that the solar and wind power network we are building will not only eventually power all the mining facilities we have but also produce electricity for sale at discounted prices to surrounding area’s. This means that you as an investor would also receive profits from the electricity farms once built. It doesn’t stop there! Any projects we invest in, voted by you as an investor, and profit from, will gain you profits automatically just by holding CMNT tokens. We have a voting system we are working on where investors will vote on new projects that will bring in profits to the company. Any and all profits after expenses that Core Mining Network bring in will be distributed to all the Core Mining Network token holders, added on to the already high yields you earn on each token.

Features of Core Mining


Our mining hardware is secured with state-of-the-art technology as well as additional safeguards designed to protect your investment through multiple locations.


Coming Soon

First Quarter

of 2022


Planning our mining setups and power consumption and distribution creates a reliable, 100% uptime environment and furthermore reduces environmental impact all while increasing profits.


By investing in the mining infrastructure itself, users mitigate the risks associated with the blockchain industry and gain safer growing profits with multiple income streams to provide the most returns.


Our tokenomics have been perfectly designed and tested to ensure we have a constant buying pressure and high volume on exchanges. Our low taxes enable users to swing trade without being punished with enormous taxes. With the profit sharing system bound to this token, the value is guaranteed to grow as the profits will continuously grow.



Token Name

Core Mining Network Token





Total Supply

Token Type

BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain

Smart Contract



Core Mining Network Token (CMNT) is sold at the initial coin offerings.

ICO Stage One Start

November 1st

ICO Stage One End

January 1st

First ICO Allocation

300.000.000 CMNT

Token Price


ICO Stage Two Start

January 2nd

ICO Stage Two End

February 1st

Second ICO Allocation

200.000.000 CMNT

Token Price


ICO Stage Three Start

February 2nd

ICO Stage Three End

March 1st

Third ICO Allocation

200.000.000 CMNT

Token Price




Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy CMNT ICO tokens with a mobile device

1. Open your Metamask wallet or Trustwallet on your device
2. Make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain network
3. Go to the browser in your Metamask wallet or Trustwallet
4. Type presale.coremining.net into your Metamask or Trustwallet brower
5. Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for CMNT
6. Click connect & buy

How to claim your ICO (CMNT) with a mobile device

1. Open your Metamask or Trustwallet wallet on your device.
2. Make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain network
3. Go to the browser in your Metamask wallet.
4. Type presale.coremining.net into your Metamask or Trustwallet browser
5. Click the claim button
6. Click view tokens

Where can I trade my Core Mining Network Token (CMNT)

Core Miner Network Token (CMNT) will be launched on Pancakeswap you can trade or swap CMNT at https://pancakeswap.finance and some other exchanges coming soon.